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Medals awarded in 1999

Three recipients received awards in 1999

Lena Smith

Lena served as Horwich Town Clerk from 1978 – 1999 and was held in great affection by the people of the town. For most of the time she was the only employee of the Town Council. In recent years, Lena was proud to be part of the development of the Town Council in taking a wider role in the community.

Whilst Lena was in office, there were major events, such as the opening of the Resource Centre, and the formulation of the World War II Memorial.

There were also ongoing initiatives which she helped to launch, for example, the Christmas Lights and Horwich in Bloom.

Nellie Crutchlow

Nellie has lived in Horwich all her life, and she and her husband, Ted brought up their son in the town. Nellie has written poetry since she was 8 years old, and in 1982 she entered the Dialect Poetry section at the Horwich Festival and won first prize. Since then she has performed her work for charity and voluntary groups, including working with a concert party for Cancer Relief. She has also performed for Horwich Heritage and Bolton Festival.

The Rev. Canon Denis Gatenby

Denis and his wife Dorothy lived in Horwich for 27 years and their family all went to school in Horwich. They came to the town in 1972, when Denis was Vicar of Holy Trinity. He became leader of the Horwich team ministry in 1991. Denis has served the community as Chairman of Relate, Chaplain of the ATC (1471 Squadron) and Chaplain at Fall Birch Hospital and a school governor. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Horwich.

20 September 1999
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